KaiFit was founded in January 2010 by Kai Duran and Jennifer O'Day. We are a small, exclusive fitness studio located in the Westlake area of Austin, Texas. We provide personal training, group training, and kettlebell instruction. We also specialize in training for senior citizens, people from all walks of life with an emphasis on service, value and measurable results.
Our approach to fitness is holistic in nature and geared towards optimizing health, performance, and fitness. We view each relationship (with existing and new clients) as a long-term partnership—we offer the necessary guidance, framework and tools which enable individuals to succeed and maximize their potential.
In an industry where fads, high-turnover, and impersonal “meat markets” are the norm—we set ourselves apart in terms of quality, results, and a sustainable approach centered on the individual client.
1001 South Capital of TexasHighway
Bldg. L, Ste 185 Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 669-5053